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November 2013

Recording Studio / Engineer / Editing                 $45.00 per hr
     Including setup and take down time if off site
          (Travel time is not billed within the PDX area)

Music Arranging, Tracking, Mixing & Editing        45.00 per hr

CD Duplication   -   without Labeling                     0.50 per disc

 CD Duplication – Full Color Printed Label             1.35 per disc

 Paper Sleeve with window                                    0.03 per disc

 Jewel Case, Standard with Color Tray Card *
     with 2 panel insert *
                                add   1.35 per disc
     with 4 panel insert *                                add   1.85 per disc

 Shrink Wrap                                               add   0.30 per disc

 UPC Bar Code (printed on tray card)                  25.00
                 (one time fee per product)

Many emerging artists are unaware of the costs intailed in professionally recording and producing a CD.  If you are looking into recording a CD for the first time, you may expect that studiol time, editing, arrangement and mixing will run in the rough neighborhood of $1500 to 2000,00 depending upon the artist's skill level, preparation and the difficulty of tracking and editing.

Full Package Duplication Example:
              (does not include studio and editing time)

50 CDs duplicated and Color Labeled, In Jewel Case
          with 4 panel insert, Bar Code and Shrink Wrap
                                             ($3.50 per disk)
                                              25.00 Bar Code            

*  Jewel Case Insert prices assume the use of either royalty free stock photography, or customer supplied art work.  Custom photography and/or specialty design work is charged separately at studio prices

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