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The mission of LuminSong Multimedia is to help you turn your ideas and creations into realities that will enhance your experience of worship.  LuminSong is your one-stop resource for all your small to medium size projects and ministry needs.

Whether your needs are simply for downloadable, high quality video projection backgrounds, or you want to create your own CD / DVD, we are here to help.

• Live Recordings of your Musicians and/or Praise Band •
• Music Teachers - CD's of your Student Recitals •
• Enhance your recordings
with Digital Intrument Accompaniment
• Make a Music Video to post on YouTube •
• Promote a ministry with Video Announcements •
• VHS to DVD Transfer (You must own the Rights) •
• Audio Tape to CD Transfer •

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Flexible Rates
to meet your needs

Business Hours:  By Appointment Only

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