About Return2Me

Return2Me have been praising God together since 2004, and leading worship at various churches in the Portland, Oregon area.  Jerry, Annette and Mark have all (at one time or another, but not necessarily all at the same time) been members of the worship praise band at Multnomah Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon. Annette served there first, and then was joined by Jerry, but by the time Mark came to MPC Annette had moved to another congregation.  Jerry was the overlap that brought them together, and it was immediately apparent that their common Lord had given all three a strong desire to use His Word directly in their praise to him.  It is the desire of their hearts to sing His scripture back to Him as their prayer; in worship of their mighty and loving Lord. 

Many of R2M's songs exactly match that desire: they are His words, either taken directly from scripture or adapted closely from it. That makes it hard for them to think of the music as being "their" songs. They belong to Him just as each of His creations do.

Jerry's prolific song writing, Annette's marvelous soprano voice and lyrical skill, along with Marks interest in all things having to do with digital music, (and the unrelenting prompting of the Lord's Spirit) eventually took form as R2M's first CD release in 2011: "Your Grace."  More music is being steadily added to their repertoire.  

It is the fervent hope of R2M and of LuminSong Multimedia that this music will uplift and inspire you as you lift your hearts before God to receive His truly inexhaustible grace. May you experience the awesome presense of our God as you lift His Word in song.  

We believe that God has given His words to us for a purpose; a purpose that lives and breathes deep in every human heart. That purpose will not be denied, but will accomplish His desire.

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