Cup of Blessings

For years I have written songs about my lifeexperiences, inspired bythe Holy Spirit,the Psalms, and the Gospels. I would write these songs and then tuck them away in my songbook or guitar case, with very few ears ever having heard them.

When I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer andlater in my recovery period, I was inspired to write more songs about my faith in Christ Jesus. I knew that these “new” songs could notbe stored away but should beshared.

After I sang the “Healing Song” at church I was approached bya member ofthe praise team, who has a home recording studio, andoffered to help me record and produce my songs.I knew that this was a prompting from God and my chance to sharethesesongs with the world.

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to share my heart with you. It is my prayer that these songs will touch your soul and help you to experience the hope and peace of life lived within God’s grace and mercy. Mayyour“Cup of Blessings” overflow and never run dry. Amen!

*All proceeds from the sale of these songs go to the Mahina Young Charitable Fund, a non-profit orgtanization helping to raise awareness, prevention and survival of Prostate Cancer, as well as funding for cancer research. For further information visit

All songs Copyright 2009 by Mahina Young; all rights reserved worldwide
Used by permission

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